Fantasy Mountain Press is thrilled to announce Bertie Flynn & The Gargoyle Gazette, a breakout middle-grade fantasy novel by author Emily Romrell. The book is currently in the final drafting stages and will be released near the end of 2017.

Thirteen-year-old Bertie Flynn is a scientist following in her father’s footsteps. Which means she despises the legends surrounding her home of Mt. Shasta, California. All her life she’s heard ridiculous tales of Bigfoot sightings, Lizzard People, UFO’s, and a lost city hidden beneath the volcano towering over the town.

But strange things are happening, not even Bertie can deny that. Ravens begin following her everywhere. Then a mysterious gypsy appears with a surprising wager. When her parents are suddenly murdered, Bertie’s logical world is sent tumbling. Now she lives with Ms. Tempo, a tyrant who blocks all attempts to make sense of her dad’s unusal experiments and her parent’s untimely deaths.  But Bertie is determined to find answers even if they lie beyond scientific understanding.

Bertie Flynn & The Gargoyle Gazette is a debut novel by author Emily Romrell that will enchant lovers of myth and fairy tales everywhere.